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Hemp Blended Paper ~
25% Hemp, 75% Post Consumer Recycled, 100% Sustainable, Acid Free, Chorine Free, Archival Quality ~ Made in the USA

TreeFreeHemp offers a variety of custom products all with one thing in common…Hemp. We have 100% sustainable hemp-blended/post-consumer recycled paper products and a variety of hemp-blended/certified-organic cotton apparel products, all which can be customized to your imagination.

The hemp for our paper is grown in North America, milled in the United States, and printed in Colorado. Our hemp apparel products are imported from throughout the world, and screen printed and embroidered in Colorado. Once hemp farming and processing become readily available from Colorado and U.S. sources, we will utilize as much locally produced hemp material as possible.

About Hemp:
Hemp has been grown throughout the world for 10,000 years and is the most versatile crop on the planet with the ability to produce thousands of different products in dozens of different industries. It can be grown in a variety of climates and is an excellent source for food, textiles, paper, fuel, building materials, plastics, along with health, beauty, and medicinal products.

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